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Face2Face | Let’s Get Dirty: The Lowdown on Earth’s Fabric in your own Yard (video)

From Zimbabwe to Winnipeg, science has uncovered the potential that lies within the soil. From nutrient-rich food production to life-saving antibiotics, learn how the dirt in the fields and in your own yard can be harnessed to make our world a better, healthier place. Hear from scientists, researchers, conservationists, and farmers as they unearth the impact we can all make on local and global communities.

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Sunday@CMU: March 2024

Living in Hope

The month of March this year spans the Lenten season in the Christian church. Lent is the 40-day period of reflection and preparation that leads up to Easter and commemorates Jesus' 40 days of fasting in the desert. On Sunday@CMU, we're hearing meditations from Karl Koop, Professor of History and Theology at CMU. His series guides us as we journey towards Jesus' death and resurrection.

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Face2Face | This Event is Generated by Artificial Intelligence: Conversations with ChatGPT (video)

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Polarization: Get over it! Stories that lead the way (video)

Recorded Monday, February 27, 2023

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[ winnipeg free press story ]

[ the carillon story ]

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Polarization: Get over it! Stories that lead the way

Polarization—just get over it! It's easier said than done. But if we are to take serious steps and effectively engage with others to overcome our extreme differences, where do we start? Canadian Mennonite University's (CMU) upcoming Face2Face discussion will feature a panel of provincial MLAs and policy analysts exploring their unique experiences with polarization.

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Naawi-Oodena: A Town Hall Conversation

Something new and exciting is developing in the neighbourhood very close to Canadian Mennonite University (CMU). The area will soon be home to the largest, strategically located urban Indigenous economic zone in Canada and the biggest multi-use project in modern Winnipeg history.

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Episode 3: Treaty

What are treaties and why do they matter? This episode features Niigaan James Sinclair, who describes treaties between First Nations and Canadian Settlers as ongoing relationships of mutual benefit, not a one-time exchange of land.

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Episode 1: Pandemic

"So What?" is a new monthly CMU podcast that draws out key ideas from public events at Canadian Mennonite University. Host Jonas Cornelsen (CMU '16) guides you through these discussions by asking 'So What?".

What if science was more than a weapon in the fight against diseases like COVID-19? Biologist Rachel Krause talks about the ecology of pandemics: they are a natural result of living with other species. Philosopher and theologian Chris Huebner looks to the past, and opens up an unusual book during lockdown. He concludes that nothing about COVID-19 is "unprecedented."

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Pandemic brings together students in Canada and Philippines

When students enrolled in Wendy Kroeker's upper-level Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies (PACTS) course, they didn't expect to have classmates 12,000 kilometres away.

Kroeker, Assistant Professor of PACTS at CMU, is teaching Cultures of Violence, Cultures of Peace to 16 students at CMU and 11 students in the Philippines.

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Unmasking anxiety in pandemic times

Face2Face conversation panel discusses what to notice and how to see during COVID-19

How might COVID-19 invite us to think about the lenses through which we understand the world? Is it possible that this shared pandemic experience can offer new perspectives not only filled with grief, loss, and anxiety?

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