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Fall 2020 academic and campus plan

News Releases • 2020.07.15 @ 1:25 PM

CMU is pleased to confirm that the university will provide on-campus living and in-person classes beginning Fall 2020.

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‘For the straight way was lost’: Navigating faith, grad studies, and mental illness

Student Profiles • 2020.07.14 @ 12:04 PM

When MA Theology student Grace Kang was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she found herself forced to re-evaluate almost everything. So she went to grad school.

Haeon Grace Kang—Grace, in Anglophone circles—came to CMU searching for God: "I thought that studying God might help me to find a more intimate relationship with God. So far, I'd say that has worked out," she says.

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CMU choir continues to connect during cancelled tour

Stories • 2020.07.10 @ 11:39 AM

The 2019-20 CMU Singers

From April 27 to May 4, the Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) Singers were to spend a week singing and travelling across the country, all the way from Manitoba to British Columbia. Unfortunately, the choir tour had to be cancelled—one of the many casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But that didn't stop the choir from connecting. Instead of boarding a bus every morning, the singers were greeted daily by a new email from Dr. Janet Brenneman, Associate Professor of Music and conductor of the CMU Singers.

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Sunday@CMU: July 2020

Audio • 2020.07.10 @ 12:00 AM

Sunday @ CMU

Theme: Journeying Through the Psalms

This month on Sunday@CMU, we are rebroadcasting a sermon series by Janet Peters. She explores the Psalms, a biblical book that encompasses the whole range of human emotions and experiences, and how they can help us in our lives and faith journeys. Janet is an alumna of CMU's Graduate School of Theology and Ministry and the Associate Program Director of Camps with Meaning, Mennonite Church Manitoba's camping ministry.

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Anti-racism webinar panel reunites teaching force behind Outtatown South Africa; draws +200 viewers

Stories • 2020.07.09 @ 12:00 AM

Two weeks ago, former Outtatown South Africa leader Paul Peters and current CMU graduate student Justin Eisinga put their heads together. They had access to a network of highly experienced, educated leaders with intimate understanding of the evil—violent, systemic racism—which has rocked North America in its unveiling over recent weeks through media documentation of police brutality. The only question was how best to mobilize those resources.

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For Such a Time As This: How deep roots in faith keep learning communities resilient and adaptable

MSC News • 2020.05.07 @ 8:06 AM

Dr. Jonathan Sears, Associate Professor of International Development Studies and Associate Dean at MSC

After a year-end no one expected, Menno Simons College Associate Dean Dr. Jonathan Sears reflects on the cultural resilience playing out at CMU and within its program centre at Menno Simons College.

Since the novel Corona Virus COVID-19 began sweeping the globe back in January of this year, almost everything about how ordinary citizens conduct their lives has changed. More than anything, how we conduct our shared lives together has changed. From churchgoing to grocery shopping, from the workplace or classroom to the front porch or backyard—our collective vulnerability to illness has transmogrified the way communities now work, learn, and care together.

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“Towards a more just, equitable, and sustainable society”

MSC News • 2020.02.26 @ 4:26 PM

MSC hosts 14th annual Social Justice Fair

The University of Winnipeg's Riddell Hall buzzed with conversations about equitable community, human rights advocacy, and peace and justice work on February 5. The crowds were gathered for Menno Simons College's (MSC) 14th annual Social Justice Fair, put on by MSC's Student Services.

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Faculty: In Their Own Words - Dr. Jodi Dueck-Read

MSC News • 2020.02.06 @ 3:33 PM

Dr. Jodi Dueck-Read, Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution Studies, has taught at Menno Simons College as a sessional instructor since 2010 and has been on faculty since 2015.

What do you love about your work here?

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MSC professor awarded grant to continue community meth response training

MSC News • 2020.01.07 @ 3:09 PM

Dr. Jobb Arnold, Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution Studies at Menno Simons College (MSC), has received a grant of $5,000 from the City of Winnipeg's inaugural Community Safety and Crime Prevention program.

Winnipeg is experiencing a methamphetamine (meth) crisis of proportions larger than the city has ever seen, and Arnold is tackling the issue head-on. He developed a community meth response training resource and ran the first sessions with it over the fall of 2019 for organizations like the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba and some of the city's crisis social workers.

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Faculty: In Their Own Words - Dr. John Derksen

MSC News • 2020.01.06 @ 11:57 AM

Dr. John Derksen, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution Studies, has taught at MSC since 2000.

What do you love about your work here?

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