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Nengi Offurum, who's strong voice and empowerment of Black women lead to her nomination for RevolutionHer's Impact in Leadership Award, was one of 24 finalists chosen from across Canada and the United States.

CMU student nominated for leadership award after creating online community supporting Black women

2022.01.25 @ 9:53 AM • Student Profiles

In the midst of the pandemic, an Instagram account popped up that quickly created buzz and then skyrocketed. CMU student Nengi Offurum is the founder of @blackwomenowned, an online community that supports and empowers Black women.

Black Women Owned (BWO) brings visibility to Black female entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators from across Canada, America, and Australia. But the platform is not only a place for people to have their work promoted. With more than 6,000 followers across Instagram and Facebook, it's also a community where people can connect and uplift each other. "It's a community for everyone, where everyone can come and be. You're not scared you're being judged, everyone feels safe," Offurum says.

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Update on in-person learning and COVID-19 protocols for the 2022 winter term

2022.01.20 @ 5:22 PM • News Releases

CMU will continue in-person education on the Shaftesbury Campus starting on Monday, January 24, 2022 in a manner that cultivates and sustains high levels of safety, health, and well-being for students, staff, and faculty.

CMU has introduced increased health and safety measures for the 2022 Winter Term to make the January 24 in-person return possible. These measures will be in effect until reading week and will be re-evaluated at that time.

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Cara Isaak, CMU's new Director of Athletics

CMU announces new Director of Athletics

2022.01.20 @ 12:00 AM • News Releases

Cara Isaak has been appointed to Director of Athletics at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU). Isaak will work across all athletics programs and help develop and bolster the already robust athletics programming at CMU.

Isaak has spent the past seven years as a coach of CMUs women's soccer team, and, in 2018, her experience helped lead the Blazers to their first MCAC Women's Soccer Championship since 2009.

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I Am A Mennonite investigates the past to glimpse into the future

2022.01.17 @ 1:36 PM • Alumni Profiles

Within the first five minutes of Paul Plett's (CMU 2004-05) newest documentary, I Am A Mennonite, he askes his target audience of Mennonites, "Where are we going to spiritually?"

That may be a loaded question for a community whose history is steeped in schisms, immigration, and discernment. But, It's a question Plett says is not rhetorical. "We're not going anywhere else physically. As a community, it does sort of seem that the real adventure is the spiritual one." Plett says that since Mennonite's transient disposition seems to have receded, we need to journey deeper into self-reflection, exploring inward as our spirituality is the most important odyssey of all.

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Sunday@CMU: January 2022

2022.01.02 @ 12:00 AM • Audio

Theme: The Lord's Prayer

Happy New Year! This month on Sunday@CMU, we are hearing from Virginia Gerbrandt Richert, CMU alumna and associate pastor at Altona Bergthaler Mennonite Church in Altona, MB. Throughout this series of meditations, Virginia helps us reflect on the Lord's Prayer and see it in new ways.

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CommonWord and folio café are open for in-person shopping; rest of CMU campus is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic

folio café (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) and CommonWord Bookstore and Resource Centre (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) are currently open for in-person shopping, Monday–Friday. Library remains closed to public, except by appointment.



Virtual Open House

Join us for a virtual tour of the CMU campus, engage in live Q&A with the Admissions team, and hear from faculty and current students.

6:00 PM


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Webinar for Parents | What’s Next After Highschool? (And why there are better questions to ask than that one.)

The transition from high school can be challenging. In this interactive webinar, we will review the kinds of questions that will help you help your child make the right decisions for them—in their studies, for their careers, in their lives.

7:30 PM


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Jan 31 –
Apr 2

Daily Diaries by the Assiniboine River and Lake Winnipeg

by Jane Gateson

MHC Gallery, 610 Shaftesbury Blvd.

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Campus Visit Day

Join us for a half-day in-person experience. Tour the campus, visit a class, meet profs and current students, learn about financial aid opportunities, and enjoy a treat from folio café.

CMU Campus

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ReNew 2022 | Water from a Living Stream: Rejuvenation for Pastoring in a Complex World

Featuring Dr. Scot McKnight, ReNew 2022 will offer pastors and church leaders opportunities for renewal and refocusing. Stories and workshops will highlight how ’ thirsts have been quenched, and can be quenched afresh going forward.

CMU campus & online

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Webinar for Parents | Better than the Summer Job: How Financial Aid Can Reduce Tuition Costs

Discover how institutional scholarships and bursaries, external awards, government funding such as loans and non-repayable grants, and RESPS to cover tuition costs.

7:30 PM


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