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Within CMU blogs, you'll find fascinating stories and pieces on current students and accomplished alumni. You'll also hear directly from students, faculty, and staff, as they tell their personal CMU stories in their own voices.

MSC faculty and team awarded $119,000 federal grant

An instructor from Canadian Mennonite University's Menno Simons College (MSC) and a team of other professors are the recipients of a prestigious federal grant.

Karen Ridd, Instructor in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies, received a three-year Partnership Development Grant worth $119,000 through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

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CMU alumna problem solves path to Legislature

When she was in grade nine, Cordella Friesen was told she wouldn't make it in university. Fast forward 25 years, and she holds a master's degree and a prominent role in the Government of Manitoba.

Friesen, who graduated from CMU with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies in 2009, recently became the Assistant Deputy Minister of Environmental Stewardship with Manitoba Sustainable Development, a department of the provincial government.

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MSC inspires transformation

by Alexandra Wiebe, IDS practicum in Papau, New Guinea

For the past two months I have had the opportunity to lead a Community Engagement Clinic team with YWAM Medical Ships. YWAM Medical Ships is an international NGO that partners with the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to deliver healthcare services to remote communities and build the capacity of the local healthcare workers. Onboard, over half of the volunteers are from PNG and they work alongside medical, marine and general volunteers from over 30 other countries to operate the ship and clinics. Clinical teams go into the villages to set up optometry, TB lab testing, and primary healthcare clinics. Patients are also transported back to the ship for the dental and surgical clinics.

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ChristianWeek Symposium keynote videos available to be shared (videos)

The ChristianWeek Symposium on May 2-3, 2019 brought together Christian faith-based journalists from across Canada. Participants included members of the Canadian Church Press and the Anglican Editors Association along with others. CMU was very pleased to host this thoughtful and inspiring event!  

Please feel free to share the Tribute and Symposium keynote addresses.  

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Katie Doke Sawatzky (CMU ’10)

Listening an act of service for alumna

As a journalist, Katie Doke Sawatzky (CMU '10) does a lot of listening. For her, it's an act of service.

"At the end of the day, you're just talking to people and listening, which I think is why I wanted to pursue journalism in the first place," she says. "I was interested in pursuing this line of work because you come at it from a stance of compassion."

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