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Lauren Harms: “ is inevitably an expression of belief, a form of prayer.

CMU Alumni Profile: Lauren Harms, BA General Social Sciences

Posted in Alumni Profiles  •  Monday, November 23, 2020 @ 11:20 AM

Lauren Harms (BA '15, General Social Sciences) wears two hats, that of a pastor and of an art therapist, which are taken on and off in the same room in the same Calgary apartment every day over Zoom. Founder of "Lily-Inspired," an art therapy practice that focuses on individual and group art therapy as well as expressive arts workshops, Harms combines the creative process and psychotherapy, enabling her clients to explore their healing through colour, shape, and form.

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Opportunity overseas proves to be a win-Nguyen for CMU shooting guard

Posted in Stories  •  Thursday, November 19, 2020 @ 4:19 PM

After moving to Canada with his family from Vietnam at the age of nine, Binh Nguyen has always had ambitious hoop dreams. One of his goals is to finish his five years of university basketball eligibility with an undergraduate degree. However, today the six-foot guard has even bigger dreams that bring him back to Asia. An opportunity awaits for Nguyen to start a professional basketball career in his native Vietnam, as well as the chance to the country on the national men's basketball team.

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Notice of confirmed case of COVID-19 at CMU Shaftesbury Campus on November 3 (low risk)

Posted in News Releases  •  Thursday, November 12, 2020 @ 4:45 PM

Dear students, faculty, and staff of CMU,

A confirmed case of COVID-19 has been identified at the CMU Shaftesbury Campus. The individual was on campus on November 3 between the hours of 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM. At this point, this is considered to be a low-risk situation.

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Mennonite Heritage Archives part of groundbreaking storytelling project

Posted in Stories  •  Thursday, November 12, 2020 @ 1:25 PM

When we think of preserving history in archives, our first thoughts might be of digging through boxes of grandma's things in the attic or leafing through yellowing photo albums. But that is not the whole picture.

The Mennonite Heritage Archives (MHA), located on CMU's campus and supported by CMU, is calling on Mennonites and Anabaptists to share their experiences during the remarkable historical, biological, and social events of 2020 as part of Anabaptist History Today (AHT), a groundbreaking collaborative storytelling project.

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