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With Gratitude 2019 (video)

With Gratitude is a CMU graduation weekend feature during which class members share their experiences through spoken word or musical performance. The event brings together family members, graduates, students, faculty, and staff, and affords graduates a valuable opportunity to showcase what their studies have meant to them.

Marta Bunnet, Vitor Jara Leite, Hannah Derksen, and Kenji Dyck provided their refelctions as 2019's With Gratitude participants.


Marta Bunnett (BA, Four-Year (Honours), Interdisciplinary Studies – Theological Ecology)

Marta shared about her studies in an interdisciplinary degree.

"[My degree] is a way of saying that the lessons I have received from people in farmhouse kitchens, from the halls of academia, and even from the persistence and frustrating resilience of quack grass roots in red river clay soil, are all important to my education. They have all given me glimpses of what it means to love the world."


Vitor Jara Leite (BA, Three-Year, Business and Organizational Administration)

Vitor reflected on how CMU has been a support to him since he and his wife came to Canada from Brazil. Through the birth of their two children, the death of his parents last year, and starting a new job, the CMU staff and faculty were a great support.

"CMU is like my second home. Here, I learned how to learn again... I'm graduating today, and I'm already missing this special place."


Hannah Derksen (BA, Four-Year, Arts and Science)

Hannah explained that classes like Molecular and Cellular Laboratory Methods and Quantitative Research Methods in Ecology had her mutating yeasts to study genes and waist-deep in the river, examining its diverse life.

"While learning about how the world around me works from a molecular to an ecological level, CMU cultivated my love of the exploration. Because of my time at CMU, I feel confident that I'm graduating having grown as an individual and am leaving with my own ideas of the world I live in."



Kenji Dyck (BA, Four-Year, Communications and Media)

Kenji spoke about developing a curiosity for how stories can express the transcendent, a profound emotional transformation, especially when stories today often produce feelings of despair.

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