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Our need for weed? Sparking Conversations in the Church and Community (video)

Our need for weed? 
Sparking Conversations in the Church and Community

By July 1, 2018 Canada's federal government is committed to implement the legalized production, sale, and recreational consumption of marijuana. As our churches and communities confront this new reality, we invite you to join a conversation that broadens awareness, explores questions, and discerns ways forward.

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Questions for Conversation

  • Can we understand more clearly the government's full intention and the implications that arise with legalization vs decriminalization?
    • Does legalization speak helpfully to any present challenges faced by our communities? What present challenges does legalization 'solve'? Are there helpful possibilities that exist for the broader community in this move? 
    • What legal / practical implications and challenges does legalization of marijuana open for individuals and families? How will this move impact policing?
  • What medical realities do we need to understand about cannabis use?
    • Many suggest that marijuana use is really not an issue. Is this in fact the case? Are alcohol and marijuana parallel?
    • Some consider distinctions between 'addiction' and 'dependence' to be significant. What are the differences and their implications? What about therapeutic / medical ends of using marijuana vs. recreational use?
  • Can the church be a place for real conversation about this issue? What are our fears? What questions—theological and otherwise—should Christians and the Church be asking?
    • Given a commitment to be Biblically faithful with all aspects of life, how ought the church to make sense of this reality that is coming at us? What questions ought we to be asking? For example...
    • Does legalizing marijuana mask broader issues sitting under the table? 
    • In what sense might this issue cause us to reflect more intentionally on 'desire'? What is fuelling this desire (ie. everyone asks me about my drinking, but nobody asks me about my thirst)?  


Max Waddell – Commander with the Organized Crime Division of the Winnipeg Police Service

Erin Morash – Pastor with Crystal City Mennonite and Trinity Mennonite Church in Mather

Daniel Dacombe – Rehabilitation Counsellor with Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, and Addictions Specialist with the Manitoba Government  
AFM Position Statement  

Nelson Martens – Member Representative and Business Developer at Bonify, a licensed producer of medical cannabis located in Winnipeg


Chris Huebner – CMU Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy 

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