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Alumni in Their Own Words - Nicole Richard Williams

Nicole Richard graduated from CMU in 2013 with a Bachelor of Music Therapy.

Where has your life taken you since you left CMU?

After finishing my Bachelor of Music Therapy at CMU, I worked as a music therapist in Winnipeg for about three years. During this time, I started working with many clients on the autism spectrum and noticed that doing rhythmic and drumming interventions with these folks really seemed to help them reach some of their therapeutic goals. I wanted to deepen my understanding of how exactly music therapy could help autistic children. Going to grad school had always been a dream of mine, and so I decided to take some time off working to do a Master's in Music and Health Science at the University of Toronto. During that degree, I decided I wanted to continue on and do a PhD and was accepted again at the Music and Health Science Research Collaboratory (the lab out of which the master's and PhD are based) at the University of Toronto.

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Ten stories of CMU alumni (audio)

As an extension of the A Time of Reckoning symposium that took place at CMU in October 2023, this student-led media project is one way of reflecting CMU's story from 2000 to 2023. Every now and then, it's good to consider what we say we're doing, what we think we're doing, and what is actually going on.

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Sunday@CMU: February 2024

Reflections From the Road

This month on Sunday@CMU, we're hearing from CMU alumna Erika Enns Rodine, Minister at Altona Mennonite Church. In this rebroadcast of her series of meditations, she uses religious billboard messages on the highways of Southern Manitoba as springboards into theological exploration and biblical conversation.

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Alumna explores intersection between land, people, and faith at Yale

Anika Reynar (CMU '17, Interdisciplinary Studies – Social Ecology) lives her life with one foot in the library and one foot in the garden—and also the classroom, the church, and around the table. She's pursuing her passions by doing not just one, but two, master's degrees simultaneously at Yale University.

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CMU graduates chosen for prestigious Manitoba Legislature internships

Two Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) graduates have been accepted into the highly competitive Manitoba Legislature Internship Program. Kyla Willms and Nicholas Harder, both graduates of 2023, will be a part of the prestigious 10-month internship from September to June.

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Sunday@CMU: September 2023

God at work in the lives of Abraham and Sarah

This month on Sunday@CMU, we're hearing from Kennedy Froese, the Associate Pastor at Sterling Mennonite Fellowship in Winnipeg. She is also a current student at CMU, where she's completing a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. In this series of meditations, she looks at the story of Abraham and Sarah, how God was at work in their lives and continues to work in our lives today.

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Alumnus reflects on the heart of generosity

"I have always been a storyteller," says Ben Borne over a Zoom call from his home in Saskatoon, SK. " And what I'm really good at is bringing people together."

Since graduating from CMU with a Bachelor of Arts in 2013, Borne's various endeavors and accomplishments—which are innumerable, but include podcast host and founding his own public relations firm—all share that similar theme: storytelling.

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Sunday@CMU: August 2023

Theme: Lament and Praise in the Christian Life

This month on Sunday@CMU, we are hearing from CMU alumna Kim Stoesz. Kim is the pastor of community care at McIvor Church, a Mennonite Brethren congregation in Winnipeg. Throughout this rebroadcast of her meditation series, she reflects on lament and praise in the life of a Jesus follower.

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Unraveling the modern Mennonite story, one panel at a time

You may think that most books about Mennonites wouldn't dare to begin with young adults drinking, smoking, and driving a car in donuts around a church parking lot, but author Jonathan Dyck isn't so sure.

Dyck (CMU '09) is the author of the award-winning graphic novel Shelterbelts, which explores themes of Queer identity, inclusive churches, the history of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and much more, all set in the fictional, sleepy Mennonite community of Hespeler.

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CMU alumna brings climate action into the provincial election

In 2019, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report stating that a global average temperature increase of 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels would significantly increase the severity and occurrence of extreme weather events, forever altering Earth's ecosystems.   

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