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Lectures reveal Mennonite contributions to Dutch society in 16th-17th centuries

Dr. Gary K. Waite will be challenging stereotypes of Mennonites throughout history at the 2023 John and Margaret Friesen Lectures at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU).

Waite is Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. He will give two lectures addressing "The Neglected Role of Dutch Mennonite Innovators in the Scientific Revolution and Early Enlightenment" on Thursday, March 9.

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Announcing the 2020 John and Margaret Friesen Lectures: What if Mennonites Had Never Left the Netherlands?

What if the 16th-century Dutch and North-German ancestors of so many North American Mennonites had decided not to flee their homes? What if they had not scattered, and not been variously shaped by atrocities like those of tsarist Russian tyranny, communist revolution, or Nazi war? What would Mennonites be like today if they had never left the Netherlands?

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