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Spring at CMU 2020 | A VIRTUAL fundraiser in support of CMU (video)

To view the event, simply click on the play button in the graphic below. 


We promised 45 minutes but are delivering 55 miniutes of story, song, and reflection. This allows us to include a segment with recently returned Outtatown students and more. Also, please note that some of the content for videos in this production were recorded prior to physical distancing guidelines that are currently in effect. 

You will hear:

  • Music from the CMU Singers
  • Sharing from students, faculty, and staff including reflections on the end of this semester disrupted by COVID-19
  • A celebration of the Communications & Media program with
    • a video of alumni with their employers in their current workplaces,
    • and an expression of gratitude from a current student.


Especially now, your donation is vital—your gift to CMU makes it possible to build a learning environment filled with faith that plants seeds of resilience and hope in young people and the broader community, even in uncertain times like these. Thank you for your generosity and engagement with CMU!

To give a gift to the university prior to CMU's April 30 fiscal year end, you may mail a cheque to CMU or donate online at Thank you!


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