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On the Russian invasion of Ukraine

On the Russian invasion of Ukraine

As the world faces the brazen attack on Ukraine, the learning community of Canadian Mennonite University aches for lives lost and torn apart by horrific violence. We walk alongside current CMU students from Ukraine, their families who are suffering greatly, and also our alumni living in Ukraine.

CMU joins with all who denounce Russian acts of violence against Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all those with ties to the region. Together we seek dignity and peace within the sovereign state of Ukraine.

I invite you to join with us in the refrains of Prayer for the War in Ukraine by Carol Penner.

Awaken those who dismiss this as someone else's problem.
Give world leaders wisdom as they impose sanctions,
looking for diplomatic and economic ways to end this aggression.
Raise up resistance to war in Russia itself.
Protect the people of Ukraine,
who are reeling from the trauma of invasion.
Open the arms of neighbouring countries
to take in refugees.
In times like these,
fill us with resolve rather than hatred.
Help us believe that justice will prevail,
that crimes will be prosecuted,
that peace can be found
even in the roar and rubble of war. Amen

I refer you also to the pastoral letter from Mennonite World Conference as written to our beloved sisters and brothers in Ukraine.

CMU students in need of support are encouraged to contact Student Life as qualified personnel are available to provide counselling services and spiritual direction at no cost.

With gratitude for all who seek honour and peace in this time and all times,

Cheryl Pauls, President

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