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2018 CMU Scientist in Residence | Dr. Rick Lindroth (videos)

Rick Lindroth (PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana) is a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Ecology and recent Associate Dean for Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). His research focuses on evolutionary ecology and global change ecology in forest ecosystems. He and his students have published ~200 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters. Lindroth has been a Fulbright Fellow and is a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America, the Entomological Society of America, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Lindroth has served in numerous roles at his church, including many years on the governing board. He and his wife have two married daughters and two grandsons. For recreation, they enjoy road cycling, flyfishing, and reading—though not necessarily in that order.

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Dr. Lindroth's Scientist in Residence speaking engagements:

Monday, January 29 | Student Forum

11:30 AM, CMU Chapel (600 Shaftesbury Blvd.)

Two Degrees of Separation: Climate Change and the Christian Challenge

Climate change is arguably the most important, and most polarizing, scientific issue of the 21st century. The "debate" is nonexistent in science, but heated within political and even religious circles. What does science know to be true about climate change, how serious is it, and how should Christians, as bearers of truth and stewards of the planet, respond?


Tuesday, January 30 | Chapel

11:30 AM, CMU Chapel (600 Shaftesbury Blvd.)

Life at the Intersection of Science and Faith: A Biologist's Story

The relationship of science to faith is widely perceived as one of conflict and incompatibility. Yet, as evidenced by Israelite King David and Psalm 19, the people of God have long recognized a rich complementarity between the study of God's book and God's creation. Lindroth will reflect on how, over a 30-year career, his perspectives and approaches toward science and faith have enriched and enhanced each other.


Tuesday, January 30 | Public Lecture

7:00 PM, Marpeck Commons (2299 Grant Ave.)

Science as a Way of Knowing: the Pursuit of Truth in a Post-Truth World

More than any other arena of human endeavour over the last century, science has revealed the true nature of how the world works, and has fostered technologies that have transformed civilization. Yet now, in a world of individual truths and alternative facts, the value of science is being challenged like never before. Here we will explore the fundamental premises of science, why they predispose science to dismissal and denial, how humans engage with facts, and how to improve science communication across ideological, cultural, and tribal divisions for the betterment of humanity and sake of the world.

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