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CMU education: May 19 update for fall 2020

CMU education: May 19 update for fall 2020

Educational and safety commitments

CMU's educational commitment is distinguished by the quality of personal relationships that characterize staff, faculty, and student interaction and learning—whether these be on-campus or via online learning formats. Forming thinking and character through generous and engaged dialogue with students lies at the heart of CMU learning.

CMU is committed to prioritize the health and safety of all students, staff and faculty, as prescribed by public health authorities, in all learning platforms.

Plans for the 2020–21 academic year

At this time, CMU is actively planning a 'mixed model' for 2020–21 fall and winter terms. Many classes will mix online and in-person elements, with some classes being offered primarily in-person, and others via e-platform. Every class will engage professors and students with one another in a real learning community. In all its planning, CMU is attentive to appropriate physical distancing for all on-campus activities, and to accommodating students who are unable, or elect not to come, to campus.

Why in-person and hybrid education as a priority for fall?

  1. Space: CMU has a very spacious campus relative to the size of its small learning community. CMU has ample space within which to spread out and accommodate physical distancing requirements.
  2. Small class sizes: CMU offers only small and medium sized classes (12–40 people), not large classes commonly found at larger universities.
  3. Health protocols: Attention to appropriate physical distancing is possible in virtually all circumstances and locations on campus. CMU is working to enact clear protocols consistent with directives provided by Manitoba health officials to ensure the health and safety of all on-campus students, staff, faculty, and guests.
  4. Capacity to be nimble: Given its size, as well as excellent preparatory work by faculty planning teams through the spring, CMU can move quickly from in-person and hybrid classes to quality online education formats should conditions or health directives warrant.

Decision Date

CMU is still determining the learning and experience format for alternative classrooms, dormitories and apartments, food services, labs, music ensembles, and athletics—all to accommodate physical distancing. CMU will provide further detail of fall education by July 15, recognizing that conditions or health directives may change the course of that decision.

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