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A message from President Cheryl Pauls to CMU community

A message from President Cheryl Pauls to CMU community

Dear students, faculty, and staff of the CMU learning community,

During this time of keen alert and deep concern concerning COVID-19, CMU supports the efforts of health authorities to constrain the spread of the virus. In heeding the call to practice social distancing, CMU is working to ensure that students will be able to complete all winter term courses within the span of the term. It is probable that many courses will not meet in person following today, and will be completed through CMU email, Zoom, or Moodle platforms.

Please note:

  • All CMU classes across Shaftesbury and MSC campuses will not meet on Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17, in order for the University to complete its implementation plan for the remainder of term. Please watch for notice Tuesday afternoon, as will be delivered via CMU email addresses and the CMU website.
  • The Shaftesbury campus remains open to CMU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Kevin Kilbrei will update schedule and implementation changes daily on behalf of the Emergency Operations Committee. By 6:00 PM today (Friday) there will be further notice of schedule changes.

Attached please see a short video featuring the CMU Singers.

In this troubled time please gather to pray (with social distancing) for healing and hope throughout the world of God's love.

Peace be with you.


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