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CMU announces new combined major in Communications & Media and English

Historic techniques and modern method: the two go hand-in-hand with CMU’s newest interdisciplinary major, launching Fall 2020

CMU announces new combined major in Communications & Media and English

Employers today are looking for people with strong communication skills. Teamwork people who can think across mediums and skill sets, who write well and present well, combining great ideas and great writing with graphic and other media skills.

At CMU, we know that a broad base makes a better specialist. Consequently, we believe that the best way for an aspiring communications specialist to develop themselves is to spend time learning the fundamentals—reading, writing, and critical thinking—in company with the world's great literature, all while developing and exercising specialized skills through applied practise, crafting their own original stories, images, films, and audio recordings.

That is why CMU is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand-new combined major in Communications & Media and English, launching Fall 2020.

This interdisciplinary program gives students the opportunity to develop professional communication skills for the modern market, informed by rich engagement with the best of literature—writers such as Homer, Shakespeare, Austen, and Atwood, just to make a start. The major offers training in up-to-date audio, video, and graphic design techniques, and an invaluable knowledge base in literary tradition, all while honing students' skill and versatility in writing.

CMU students completing a combined major in Communications & Media and English will have access to a host of venues for practical skill-building and application, including student publications (The Doxa and Soul in Paraphrase), CMU's inhouse podcast Wittenberg Radio, SpyTower Press (learn print production including typesetting, linocut creation, and hand operation of our antique printing press), and more.

The program is minimally restrictive, allowing students to shape their studies according to their interests. The basic structure, normally completed in four years, will require 24 credit hours each in Communications & Media an English, leaving room for 12 credit hours of electives in any other subject—music, science, philosophy, to name a few options—to comprise a 60 credit hour degree.

Students hungry for more of the core are even free to pursue an expanded degree, adding yet a further 12 credit hours of electives in the combined areas of Communications & Media and English. This may particularly appeal to students looking to build expertise in multiple streams of Communications & Media or English. For example, just as Communications & Media can range in focus from A/V production to journalism to graphic design, English studies at CMU can incorporate multiple areas of concentration including fiction, poetry, creative writing, and film studies.

Registration for the 2020-21 school year is open now for Canadian students. Apply before August 25 to start your journey to a rich university experience and rewarding career.

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