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CMU faculty reflect on courses taught during the pandemic (videos)

The challenges of a global pandemic have highlighted the quality of education offered by CMU. Below, seven CMU faculty members reflect on courses they taught in fall 2020 amidst the challenges and complexities of COVID-19.


Rachel Krause, Assistant Professor of Biology
Introduction to Global Health


Sundar John Boopalan, Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Reading the Bible as a Witness to Liberation



Anna Nekola, Assistant Professor of Music
History of Gospel



David Balzer, Assistant Professor of Communications and Media
Introduction to Communications and Media



Jobb Arnold, Assistant Professor Conflict Resolution Studies MSC
Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies



James Magnus-Johnston, Director, Centre for Resilience and Lecturer in Business
Social Innovation Lab



Irma Fast Dueck, Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Introduction to Christianity

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