So What? A Podcast

So What? A Podcast

So What? is a monthly CMU podcast that draws out key ideas from public events at Canadian Mennonite University. Host Jonas Cornelsen (CMU '16) guides you through these discussions by asking, 'So What?'

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Bitter Sweet Trail: Kenji Dyck

Is there a story behind the sugar you buy at the store? Kenji Dyck (CMU '19) talks with Jonas about filming and editing the documentary "Bitter Sweet Trail."

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Graduation: Deanna Zantingh

What's an active peacebuilding imagination? How does it relate to reconciliation in Canada? Jonas catches up with past graduation speaker Deanna Zantingh (CMU '13).

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Reconciliation: Destroy this Man-Made Temple

Christy Anderson tells her faith story and calls for change. This special episode features Christy's full sermon.

Anderson is a PhD Candidate and CMU's Indigenous Engagement Advisor.

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Reconciliation: Man-Made Temples

Jesus called for an end to oppression. How did the Bible become a weapon of colonization? Jonas talks with Christy Anderson, CMU Indigenous Engagement Advisor, about a sermon she gave at CMU in Fall 2021.

Anderson's full sermon is available as a special feature episode of this podcast.

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Reconciliation: Sacred Treaties

There's more to treaty relationships than words on a page. Featuring Christy Anderson, CMU Indigenous Engagement Advisor.

Christy's Book Suggestions:

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