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: Seventeen speakers from Mennonite (Mennonite Church and Mennonite Brethern), United, Lutheran, and Anglican churches presented at May 9’s ecumenical event titled, “Behold! I do a New Thing—Emerging Perspectives in Ministry.”

Mennonite Pastors and Scholars Involved in Ecumenical Gathering

Stories  •  2018.06.07 @ 8:10 AM

"I wonder whether Jesus' call for Christian unity isn't an invitation to focus on what unites rather than divides us, in order to see that everyone brings something valuable to God's kingdom." So said Kathy Koop, Pastor of First Mennonite Church, in reflecting on a recent ecumenical gathering.

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2018's Leadership Scholarship winners: (clock-wise from top left) Katherine Ulrich, Johanna Klassen, Levi Klassen, and Annika Loeppky,

CMU announces 2018 Leadership Scholarship winners

News Releases  •  2018.06.05 @ 8:09 AM

Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) is pleased to name the recipients of this year's Leadership Scholarships: Katherine Ulrich of Scott, SK (homeschool); Johanna Klassen of Winnipeg, MB (Westgate Mennonite Collegiate); Annika Loeppky of Selkirk, MB (Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School); and Levi Klassen of Calgary, AB (Calgary Christian School).

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Faculty: In Their Own Words – Dr. Gordon Zerbe

Faculty Profiles  •  2018.06.01 @ 12:00 PM

Dr. Gordon Zerbe, Professor of New Testament, has taught at CMU and CMBC (one of CMU's founding colleges) since 1990.

What did you teach this past semester that you were most excited about?

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Aaron Epp

Sunday@CMU: June 2018

Audio  •  2018.06.01 @ 12:00 AM

Theme: Four Women from the Bible
Speaker: Janessa Giesbrecht

Janessa Giesbrecht, Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at Fort Garry Mennonite Brethren Church in Winnipeg, and a student in CMU's Graduate School of Theology and Ministry, presents a four-part sermon series exploring women from the Bible who have taught her something profound about her faith. Plus: Face2Face On Air interviews with CMU alumni, students, and staff.

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Dr. Brian Froese, Associate Professor of History received a five-year grant worth $93,000 through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to research the intersection of conservative religion and politics in Western Canada from the 1880s to 1960s.

CMU history professor awarded $93,000 federal grant

News Releases  •  2018.05.22 @ 7:28 AM

A Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) professor is the recipient of a prestigious federal grant.

Dr. Brian Froese, Associate Professor of History, received a five-year grant worth $93,000 through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Froese will use the grant for a research project addressing the intersection of conservative religion and politics in Western Canada from the 1880s to 1960s.

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Dr. Kirit Patel

Faculty: In their own words - Dr. Kirit Patel

MSC News  •  2018.06.01 @ 12:00 AM

Dr. Kirit Patel has been Assistant Professor of International Development Studies at MSC since 2007. 

What do you love about your work here?

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Jordan Ewart

Transformation: An MSC Grad Reflection

MSC News  •  2018.05.31 @ 1:14 PM

by Jordan Ewart (IDS '18)

Four years ago, I was swept up by the Saskatchewan prairie winds and found myself in Manitoba to pursue International Development Studies (IDS) at Menno Simons College (MSC).

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Julie Letkeman

Gratitude: An MSC Grad Reflection

MSC News  •  2018.05.31 @ 12:00 AM

by Julie Letkeman (CRS '18)

As I reflect on my time at Menno Simons College studying conflict resolution, it is proving difficult to articulate what this place means to me and how it has shaped me. It has been a season of growth, community, challenges and self-discovery, and I have been deeply impacted by my peers and professors who have been part of this learning journey.

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Jennifer Braun

Alumni Profile: Jennifer Braun

MSC News  •  2018.05.21 @ 12:00 AM

We caught up with MSC alumna Jennifer Braun (IDS '08) and asked her about her research and work as a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta. Her PhD thesis is entitled, "Unearthing a New Agrarian Feminism: Investigating the role of women in Canadian Prairie Agriculture."

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Alumni Profile: Dr. Christopher Lyon

MSC News  •  2018.05.14 @ 12:00 AM

We caught up with MSC alum Dr. Christopher Lyon (IDS '08) and asked him about his research and work as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Leeds.

Tell us about your research. How did you get where you are?

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