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Sunday@CMU: September 2019

Theme:  The Believer's Church Bible Commentary: A Way Into Scripture For All

Speaker: Cheryl Pauls

This month on Sunday@CMU, CMU's president Cheryl Pauls reads selections from books in The Believer's Church Bible Commentary series. Written by past and present CMU professors, these excerpts act as a form of meditation and reflection. 

September 1, 2019

Part I: 2 Corinthians by George Shillington

September 8, 2019

Part II: Exodus by Waldemar Janzen

September 15, 2019

Part III: Deuteronomy by Gerald Gerbrandt

September 22, 2019

Part IV: Joshua by Gordon Matties

September 29, 2019

Part V: Philippians by Gordon Zerbe

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