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Return to In-Person Hybrid Classes on January 25

Welcome to the learning community of Canadian Mennonite University winter 2021.

I'm pleased to announce that CMU will be returning to hybrid classes at its Shaftesbury campus on Monday, January 25. Students will have the option to be part of a significant number of courses in-person or virtually. Some courses will continue only online as indicated on the CMU website at

Why is it possible to move back to hybrid classes?

Throughout the year CMU students, staff, and faculty have demonstrated trustworthy commitment to honouring one another's health, safety, and well-being. We will continue to be diligent in attending to safety protocols appropriate to the pandemic, including wearing masks, physical distancing, and so on. Also, the CMU Operations Department is working to continually improve campus health and safety during this pandemic, and has installed air purification systems in all classrooms and residences.

And then there's the critical factor of the state of the pandemic in the surrounding community. At this time COVID-19 trendlines, case numbers, and test positivity rates in Winnipeg continue to go down. We know that a new surge could emerge quickly, and if that happens class format may need to change again. For now CMU can take some small steps in slowly resuming some in-person activities. CMU continues to monitor provincial pandemic reports and public health restrictions and advisements regularly. These may influence plans to resume on-campus learning on January 25 or during the term.

Along with attending hybrid classes, students are welcome on campus to study and to use the library, music practice rooms, and other spaces related to course work. Co-curricular activities such as community gatherings (chapel, forum) will remain online for the foreseeable future. You are invited into a range of Community and Wellness Initiatives this winter. (please see below)

Watch for further details in the coming week, and direct further questions to Charlie Peronto, Director of Student Life (

In the church year this is Season of Epiphany, a time to attend to God's gifts of wisdom, insight, and grace. I look forward to all we will learn together as we share in these gifts.

Cheryl Pauls, President


Principles for Winter 2021 program delivery and campus life

  1. Prioritize health, safety, and community-building to support a high-quality student learning experience
  2. Ensure community safety as a shared responsibility among all students, faculty, and staff
  3. Prioritize student experience by limiting public access to the CMU campus and enhanced forms of student engagement
  4. Adhere to Manitoba Health guidelines to appropriately accommodate program delivery and on-campus safety

Protocols for students to be on campus

  1. Be symptom-free
  2. Self-quarantine as required by Manitoba Health
  3. Complete training on procedures and protocols for being on campus
  4. Practise diligent hygiene
  5. Maintain physical distancing
  6. Wear non-medical masks
  7. Respect guidelines for social interaction in dormitories, apartments, lounges, and study spaces
  8. Care for self, peers, and the wider learning community

Community and Wellness Initiatives for Winter 2021

CMU strives to promote health and wellness for all of its community members through a variety of programs and initiatives including recreation, mental health supports, and community gatherings. Below you will find information about a few new initiatives for this winter. Please visit for more information about wellness activities at CMU.

  • Community Groups – All students are invited to join with faculty and staff in activity or interest based groups. These groups will meet regularly throughout the semester and are intended to gather around common interests, topics, and activities that are not explicitly academic in nature. Examples of some of the groups are: a cross country ski group, movie and book clubs, and walking groups. Sign up information will come out next week.
  • Counselling and Art Therapy – CMU is excited to welcome an art therapist to our counselling team this year. We continue to offer free counselling to our entire student body. To book of counselling or art therapy session please email
  • Community Gatherings – CMU gathers at 11:30 AM on Tuesdays and Fridays for Chapel and Forum. Chapels are a space for the CMU Community to worship God together as a community. Forums are a place to discuss topics that are relevant to the learning community. These places for worship and conversation are happening online for the start of the term.

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