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Canadian Mennonite University signs MOU with Filipino peacebuilding institute

Canadian Mennonite University signs MOU with Filipino peacebuilding institute

Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) has entered into a collaboration agreement through a memorandum of understanding with the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute Foundation, Inc. (MPI). The memo states the intention of cooperation for collaboration on mutually beneficial grant opportunities, curriculum development, and activities for the advancement of programming between the two entities.

Established in 2000, MPI is an Asian training institute located in Mindanao, Philippines with a mission of training, empowering, and celebrating peace, justice and nonviolent social transformation throughout Asia-Pacific and the world. MPI provides a space for people of diverse backgrounds to gather together, share, and learn in a safe environment where all viewpoints are encouraged and respected. As a resource for peacebuilders, MPI providing a context for training, research, and networking.

The development of this collaborative relationship has been largely due to the efforts of long-time MPI facilitator Wendy Kroeker, who is Assistant Professor, Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies at CMU and the Academic Director of the university's Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP). Aside from facilitating courses at both CMU and MPI, Wendy has mentored trainers, engaged in curriculum development, arranged for interns, and invited MPI facilitators to teach at CSOP.

The memo will formalize collaboration on mutually beneficial training opportunities and facilitation of peacebuilding/conflict transformation topics between CMU and MPI. This may include sharing in the areas of facilitation for praxis refinement, faculty visits, student interns, learning tours, and ongoing academic/organizational research and interaction.

MPI is very excited about these developments with CMU. Together, CMU and MPI hope to continue to enhance the skills of peacebuilders from around the world and continue to build a global network of those working for conflict transformation.


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