Canadian Mennonite University

Global Anabaptism Conference Lectures with Dr. John Roth (videos)

May 21-22, 2019

A conference hosted by Canadian Mennonite University and Providence University College and Seminary


The Future of Anabaptism as a Global Movement

How did this happen? What does this shift in the centre of gravity mean for churches in Canada? What will the Anabaptist church look like in the future? For almost 500 years, the centre of Anabaptism has been located in Europe and North America. Since the end of the twentieth century that reality has changed dramatically as Anabaptist churches in Latin America, Africa, and Asia have outgrown their European and North American counterparts.

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May 21 Public Lecture at CMU
"From Zurich to Addis Ababa: How Anabaptism went Global"

May 22 Public Lecture at Providence University College & Theological Seminary
"Envisioning the Global Anabaptist Church of the Future"

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