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Fall 2020 academic and campus plan

CMU confirms plan for in-person courses and campus usage for students 

Fall 2020 academic and campus plan

CMU is pleased to confirm that the university will provide on-campus living and in-person classes beginning Fall 2020. CMU is the only fully accredited Manitoba university to do so. All in-person courses will be augmented with hybrid, online learning tools. 

Principles for Fall 2020 program delivery and campus life  

  1. Prioritize health, safety, and community-building to support a high-quality student learning experience
  2. Ensure community safety as a shared responsibility among all students, faculty, and staff
  3. Prioritize student experience by limiting public access to the CMU campus and enhanced forms of student engagement
  4. Adhere to Manitoba Health guidelines to appropriately accommodate program delivery and on-campus safety

 Protocols for students to be on campus 

  1. Be symptom-free 
  2. Self-quarantine as required by Manitoba Health
  3. Complete training on procedures and protocols for being on campus
  4. Practise diligent hygiene 
  5. Maintain physical distancing
  6. Wear non-medical masks where requested
  7. Respect guidelines for social interaction in dormitories, apartments, lounges, and study spaces
  8. Care for self, peers, and the wider learning community

Education programming: in-person and online learning 

CMU will hold on-campus, in-person classes in fall and winter terms 2020-21, with hybrid extensions available through online tools. Hybrid courses include both in-class work (in-person: seminar, discussion, workshop, lecture; and online: synchronous video and pre-recorded lecture materials), and out-of-class work (assignments to be completed, singularly, or in groups).

Hybrid classes allow CMU to pivot fully online should public health guidelines dictate the closure of the university campus.

Within a flexible hybrid learning model, students are responsible to be present in class throughout the year, unless they are unable to attend for reasons listed below.   

Students for whom any of these situations apply require accommodations for online-only attendance. These students must complete an online form. Further details regarding attendance and accommodations are included in the "Return to Campus Manual" for students. 

Protocols for life on campus 

Residence life

CMU is committed to the health, safety, and wellness of all Residence Students. 

Health, wellness, and community life

CMU is committed to the health, wellness, and thriving of all members of its entire learning community and will provide robust opportunities for wellness promotion.

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