A message from the president: Fall 2021 plans

CMU planning for mostly in-person classes and campus life this fall

A message from the president: Fall 2021 plans

Dear CMU Students,

Summer greetings from CMU! We very much look forward to welcoming you on campus for 2021-22 in early September. 

Here's to announce that CMU is moving ahead with plans for mostly in-person classes and campus life this fall.

What makes it possible and safe to be on campus together in fall 2021?

1.  The Province of Manitoba is opening up throughout the summer as progress towards vaccination goals and low COVID-19 test positivity rates continue.

2.  The CMU learning community has a proven track record in honouring the safety, health, and well-being of all.

3.  The rate of vaccination of the CMU learning community is high.

4.  CMU will continue to follow all protocols from Manitoba Health.

5.  Campus housing has room for isolating when needed.

On COVID-19 vaccination

1.  In keeping with Canadian law, CMU is not mandating vaccines for any students, staff, or faculty. CMU will not request access to the protected health information of any member of the university community in order to attend classes and other activities on campus.

2.  In keeping with the overwhelming consensus of scientific and health authorities globally, CMU views vaccination as a safe and necessary way to stop the transmission of COVID-19 and to protect the health of the population. As such, CMU sees vaccination as a social responsibility and an expression of care for others.

3.  CMU will assist with access to vaccination for those who unable to receive vaccination prior to arriving at CMU in September. This applies to domestic and international students. Some international students are coming from countries where the vaccines that have been approved in Canada are not available. The Province of Manitoba permits all international students to book vaccination appointments as soon as they arrive in the province.

Return to community

I find it helpful to think about the fall as "returning to community" rather than "getting back to normal." Collectively our lives have experienced a major shock through changes to how we live. It's tough to shift our thinking from, "We need to stay apart," to "It's safe to be together." As we learn to trust what is good in being together we have opportunity to return to some things and change others. We look forward to returning to community with your voice in the mix as we learn together what that means and as we foster the safety, health, and well-being of all.

Summer joys and see you soon!



Dr. Cheryl Pauls, President
Canadian Mennonite University

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